On Cool

There are those who care about cool, who strive for it. They never are. They row tirelessly in the direction of cool, never approaching, beat back by the tide.

There are those who do not care about cool because they know that they are. They have found the hidden current that pulls effortlessly toward the direction of cool. Some found the current after much struggle, some had the luck or talent to find it from the start. They are cool. They are boring. Their interests, opinions and goals pushed by this single current even if they care not where they go.

Then there are those who do not know themselves to be cool and do not care. They drift in and out of that current, moment by moment, unconcerned, for they steer toward a destination determined only by themselves and seen by no others. These are the interesting people. 

All cool people are alike; each unconcerned, uncool person is uncool in their own way.