Jaunting Part 7: Prague, Vienna, and Slovenia

You can hear me talk about this part of my trip here.

Prague! Beautiful city. The second photo here is the Astronomical Clock I mention in the video. In the last photo you can see the Television Tower. That tower is visible from most of the city, a lot of people hate it I think it's kind of neat. Though, the tower is crawling with these faceless baby sculptures that are some of the creepiest things I've ever seen. Seems like such an odd choice to me, a building like that already struggling to justify itself, how do we make it better? Faceless babies!

Two shots of the Sedlec Ossuary and the quite scenic town it resides in. The sigil in the first shot was actually put together in the 1700s when the place was refurbished.

Vienna! Some interesting architecture: the Parliament, the Secession Hall, and the Hundertwasserhaus. The last four photos are from the Hapsburg Summer Palace.

Some quick photos I took of a few of the marvelous Hapsburg treasures.

First we have here Lake Bled in Slovenia. Second is Bled Castle which overlooks the lake, and the last are from my ascent of Mt. Stol which lies a few miles from the lake. My legs are still sore some four days later.