Jaunting Part 6: Paris and Bruges

At last this stage of my journey took me to continental Europe! You can hear my talk about it here.

But, before I get to the titular cities I actually had one last stop in the UK. I made a final visit to London and made a day trip to Bath. The first picture here is the Bath Abbey, and second is just a nice canal a little out of Bath city center. The last two pictures are from London, the Millennium and Tower bridges.

Some big metal thing in Paris! After that is a picture of the back of Notre Dame, which I find even prettier than the front. Last, I have two pictures of the kind of stunning palaces you'll find dotted about Paris if you walk past enough beige buildings. Speaking of the beige, it turns out there's a reason so much of Paris feels like it was all designed by one guy. It was! Georges-Eugene Haussmann, he led a huge renovation of Paris in the late 1800s which did wonders for public health and safety.

After Paris I caught a train to Bruges. The most noticeable feature of the city is the Belfry. Below is a picture of it at night, but what you can't see in a picture is the delightful sound of it's carillon that rings through the city on the hour.